New Project: A Ghostly Activities Screenplay

I’ve noodled around with a few story ideas about Ghostly Activities. Now, I’m going to stretch and write a screenplay for a 2-hour TV movie.

In the past, I’ve written a comic book script about our ghostly adventures. And I gotta say, I like to write scripts more than books. I’m happy with the 3 books based on the blog.

But writing scripts, making videos and podcasts … that’s my jam.

When it’s ready, I’ll make a PDF and post it here. Gimme a few months, eh?

New Podcast: Ghoulish Tendencies

In November 2019, Gabi Fiore and Kim Douthit will launch a new podcast. It covers the most haunted places, creepiest urban legends and scariest stories across the USA. Gabi and Kim created AGHOST Stories Podcast earlier this year. You could think of it as Season 1 of their new show. Really, it’s a transformation and expansion.

And I’ll produce the website … and guest on it, too!

You can check out the site over here: