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I always wanted to publish a book. Well, more like a series of books around ghosts, and I finally did that. But it may not be what you think.

Blogging A Book

Yep, I took my blog and turned it into a book. After 6 years of writing content for Ghostly Activities, I took my favorite posts and assembled them into a few different categories:

  • Ghost Stories
  • Ghosts & Hauntings
  • Ghost Hunting

Just because you have a bunch of blog posts, you don’t have a book. It takes editing and some formatting. That means a painful editing process.

For me, I self-edited the first one, Ghost Stories. For the second and third one, I got an editor and proofreader. You see, I’m the king of typos. The sentences work out: The letters get moved around in words.

Anyway, my real challenge dealt with making an eBook and paperback of these articles. I tried a lot of different platforms to stitch the book together, but I finally found one.

And it used Word files.

Testing A Publishing Platform

For my test, I chose ghost stories from my site. Then, I copied the entire posts and dropped them into Word. MS Word has improved a great deal from a few years ago. It was really easy to find errors and fix them.

Yes, Ghost Stories is a test, not a planned book

To make the books, I chose Vellum because it simply imported the big Word doc and made a halfway decent book from the get go.

The rest was simply doing some fine-tuning for headers, adding pictures and a cover. Vellum made a table of contents, copyright and author page for me. It also made native files for eBooks and had 3 paperback formats.

It was so easy, I got started on the second and third books right away. I dropped Ghost Stories on September 1, 2019. On September 18, 2019, I released A Guide To Ghosts & Hauntings. The third book will arrive in mid October. It’s about ghost hunting and paranormal protection. Big shock, right?

If you want to start a book career, I think blogging is a great way to learn. You may need to flesh out some details from your posts; blogging can be too concise for book readers. But it’s worthwhile.

Vellum only works on Macs, and the makers have no interest in making a Windows version. But, if you got a Mac, you have to try this. It really changes your publication strategy for the better.

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