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New Project: A Ghostly Activities Screenplay

I’ve noodled around with a few story ideas about Ghostly Activities. Now, I’m going to stretch and write a screenplay for a 2-hour TV movie.

In the past, I’ve written a comic book script about our ghostly adventures. And I gotta say, I like to write scripts more than books. I’m happy with the 3 books based on the blog.

But writing scripts, making videos and podcasts … that’s my jam.

When it’s ready, I’ll make a PDF and post it here. Gimme a few months, eh?

One thought on “New Project: A Ghostly Activities Screenplay”

  1. I forgot to mention: I’ve got to learn Final Draft while I write it. That’ll add some time to the project. I’m going to give myself 6 months to do it. Otherwise, I’ll transmorgify it into a comic book script.

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