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Here are a few sites and shows I write or produce:

Ghostly Activities


A paranormal site. I do everything on Ghostly Activities. From writing, editing, recording audio, and filming ghost hunts. You name it, I do it.

Mystic Moon Cafe

Mystic Moon Cafe is an Internet radio show. I act as producer and co-host. I also made the website.

Each week, my co-hosts and I interview authors about their books. It’s a lot fun, and I look forward to it every week.

AGHOST Stories Podcast

Visit AGHOST Stories Podcast

AGHOST Stories tells real-life tales from some of the Pacific Northwest’s most infamous haunts. I’m an occasional host and guest, and I made the website. This show is a historic hoot!

Paranormal Pioneers

Visit Paranormal Pioneers

Paranormal Pioneers is a podcast that interviews legends in the ghost hunting field. I record and edit each episode as well as produce the commercials.

Ghoulish Tendencies

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Visit Ghoulish Tendencies Podcast

Ghoulish Tendencies covers the most haunted places, creepiest urban legends and scariest stories across the USA. It’s researched and hosted by Gabi Fiore and Kim Douthit of AGHOST Stories Podcast.

Ghoulish Tendencies debuts in November 2019. I produced the website and will guest host from time-to-time.